Tooth Coloured Fillings

It is not simply because metal free fillings are more attractive (they certainly are!) but these types of fillings also prevent the often experienced side effects of metal fillings like toothaches (Heat and cold sensitivity) and tooth fracture. This makes it more possible to preserve the remaining healthy tooth structure.

At Children’s Dental Health Associates (CDHA) our use of metal free fillings is part of our commitment to provide our patients with the very latest methods and materials in pediatric dentistry and enables us to deliver a better structural and aesthetic result.

To re-cap, the advantages of Metal free fillings are:

  • Less sensitive to heat and cold
  • Stronger bonding to prevent future fractures
  • Better looking
  • Less susceptibility to biting pain
  • No slow release of metal toxins into the body (Mercury, Silver, Copper etc)

Dental fillings play an integral part in dentistry. Right from replacing cavity/decay of a tooth upto creating miracles of changing the look of the teeth dental filling can alone manage entire makeover of your teeth.

With the need of cosmetic dental fillings , traditional filling materials like silver amalgam is no longer desirable to use.