• "As a 43 year old man, I hate the dentist. I have had many dentists during my stay on this planet and all of them inflicted pain, which in turn caused me to resent the “dentist.” Now, every tooth in my mouth has a filling or has a root canal or is just rotten in general. Sure, I could blame my parents for not guiding me in the finer points of tooth care but in the end, it really is my own fault. I never floss but I always brushed twice a day for at least 30 seconds per brush (yeah, yeah, yeah…should have been two minutes a brush but what can you do?). I just needed someone to show me the way… With Perfect Smile, I love that they are in. Very convenient for us working folk. I have had two crowns put in and two cavities filled along with the cleaning and sedation. The dental team is first class and really care about my hatred towards their profession. I generally feel at ease in the chair and this is a result of the staff and their care. I also respect Dr.Prerna Gupta’s approach. She never skirts a question and always answers me with the utmost professionalism. I really respect that and I really like her. I don’t mind going to the dentist as much as I used to and I have also begun flossing every other day. At 43 years of age, it’s about time I started taking care of my teeth and the good people at Perfect Smile, Surat on the right path. Thank you."

    Umesh Prasad

    Medical Practitioner

  • "When I was younger I would come up with any and every excuse to avoid spending time in a dental chair. Since I started going to Dr. Prerna Gupta about 4 years ago that is no longer the case. I wouldn’t say I look forward to my appointments but with skilled and always friendly staff they make it a pleasant environment. My teeth are now the healthiest they have ever been. With her personal interaction and sense of humor my family and I enjoy the visits. When friends and family ask me which clinic I go to I have no hesitation recommending Perfect Smile."

    Cheshta Sawhney


  • "I have been coming to Dr.Prerna Gupta since 2011 when she was a consultant in Kailash Hospital, Delhi. Dr. Gupta turned my smile to an even more beautiful smile.She uses state of the art equipment that is painless and efficient.I fly 6000 miles for my dental treatment. I have multiple cavities; need scaling from time to time.Laughter can always be heard in this dental clinic. The staff demonstrates a respectful, light atmosphere that puts one at ease when they come through the door. I wish Dr. Gupta heartiest congratulations for her new set up in Surat. "

    Anjali Singh

    Software Engineer