Scaling and Polishing/ Oral Prophylaxis

Teeth cleaning is a layman term which is used by common people but when you enter a dental clinic your dentist or hygienist will use a term called as Scaling and polishing or oral prophylaxisfor the same process.

The Procedure

The procedure is done under proper controlled and sterile environment. When you reach the dental clinic, first you will be questioned about your health history and other dental and medical health problems. If they see no health related problem which is related to the outcome of the procedure then they will make you lie down on a dental chair with semi supine or supine position.

The dentist will use ultrasonic scaler, which produces vibrations at a controlled frequency; these vibrations are transmitted to the tip of the instrument. When this tip comes in contact with the tooth surface it removes any kind of calculus or plaque from the tooth surface. It will produce no pain and no side effects or harm. Polishing is done after teeth cleaning in same manner as above-mentioned

If you have lots of debris and if your oral hygiene condition is bad then dentist may take multiple visits for the teeth cleaning. Dentist may suggest you to get your teeth cleaned every six month but it really depends upon your oral hygiene status. If you have very good oral hygiene status then you may go to a dentist at least once in a year for teeth cleaning.